Wild Baiye Phoenix Oolong 野生白叶单枞
Wild Baiye Phoenix Oolong 野生白叶单枞
Wild Baiye Phoenix Oolong 野生白叶单枞


Wild Baiye Phoenix Oolong 野生白叶单枞

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Type: Oolong Tea

Region: Guangdong, China

Notes: orchid, peach, honey 


Temperature: 100ºC

Tea leaves: 3 g

Water: 200 ml

Wild Baiye Phoenix Oolong grows in phoenix mountain at the altitude more than 1000 meters, Chaozhou, China. Growing up in the high mountain Cliff, surrounded in fog, wild grown Baiye Dangcong absorbs rich minerals and wild flower flavor which creates unique aroma gifted by nature. The wild Baiye Dangcong tea trees scattered all over the high mountain without any human care.

These wild tea trees are more than 50-year old, some of them more than 100-year. They usually grow in cliff gaps and live with all kinds of wild plants in the mountain. Growing in such an originally biological environment, This Wild Baiye Phoenix Oolong teas bring you natural hints of orchid, peach and honey.

You will feel the natural comfort brought by this amazing Oolong.