Tea Fundamentals Course
Tea Fundamentals Course
Tea Fundamentals Course
Tea Fundamentals Course
Tea Fundamentals Course
Tea Fundamentals Course
Tea Fundamentals Course
Tea Fundamentals Course
Tea Fundamentals Course


Tea Fundamentals Course

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Our Tea Fundamentals Course is designed for novice tea lovers and those who want to dig deeper into the science, history and culture of tea. This fundamental course provides basic knowledge of the tea plant (camellia sinensis) - introducing different types of teas and learning how  to identify them. It also includes tastings of 15 famous teas within the 5 main categories of tea.  Upon completion of this course, you will have a solid foundation of tea knowledge and should be able to identify and differentiate various teas.

The course will run a total of 15 hours.



Week I: Introduction 

Week II: Green Tea (Long Jing, Biluochun, Matcha)

Week III: Black Tea (Lapsang Souchong, Jinjunmei, Darjeeling)

Week IV: Oolong Tea (Dahongpao, Iron Goddess, Oriental Beauty )

Week V: White Tea (Silver Needle, White Peony, Aged White Tea)

Week VI: Dark Tea (Shou Pu'er, Sheng Pu'er, Fu Tea)



Section A: Tuesdays 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm

Section B: Thursdays 6:30 pm- 8:30 pm

Each section takes maximum 7 people


Courses are available in English and Chinese.



Icha Tea

235 Spadina Ave Unit 4

Toronto, ON M5T 2E2


Course materials

Handouts for each class

Teas for tasting: Longjin, Biluochun, Sencha, Lapsang Souchong, Darjeeling, Yunnan Needle, Tieguanyin, Dahongpao, Oriental Beauty, Silver Needle, White Peony, Shoumei, Sheng Pu’er, Shou Pu’er, Imperial Pu’er

Tea ware (You are welcome to bring your own drinking cup)

Refreshments pairing with teas



    In order to insure continuity of course content, attendance of each class is mandatory. Since the size of class is small and seats are limited, make up class might not be available.
      We offer refreshments during the class, however, we recommend you to have a proper meal before the class since the refreshments won’t be enough.

        Tea contains caffeine, please consider your personal situation before register. We recommend people who is sensitive to caffeine to register on day time classes.



        Sabrina Chen

        Graduating from South China Agricultural University with a major in tea science and ceremony, Sabrina has engaged with the tea industry for 10 years.  In 2008, she received the gold prize in tea ceremony competition and got senior tea sommelier certification.  Since then, she has given tea trainings and performances in China, Macau and Canada. She performs Chinese tea ceremony on Toronto Tea Festival every year in order to share Chinese tea culture and bring this culture to new generations.

        Sabrina finished her MBA program at Schulich Business School in 2016. Now she is offering tea training and workshops in the GTA.



        Email: info@tearoma.com

        Official Wechat Account: TearomaTeaClub

        Instagram: TearomaTeaClub

        Wechat: Sbuying



        品茶基础班 Tea Fundamentals Course 


        对于身在异乡的我们来说,茶不单单是一种饮料,它更是一种我们的文化上的归属感。当我们大谈caffee latte和cappuccino的区别,却不知道泡普洱茶和绿茶的水温有什么差异;当我们可以准确找出搭配不同葡萄酒的水晶杯,却叫不出一样茶具的名字:那么你是时候收下这封邀请函。




        ― 你将学到 ―

        • 分辨六大不同种类的茶,以及每种茶类的代表品种
        • 了解每种茶的饮用方式以及对健康的影响
        • 茶叶文化及历史的系统知识
        • 如何在生活中选购茶叶、基础的茶叶品鉴知识
        • 15款名茶品鉴, 将为您详细讲解每种名茶的特征,产地,等级以及鉴赏(包括龙井、碧螺春、日本煎茶、正山小种、大吉岭红茶、滇红、铁观音、大红袍、东方美人、白毫银针、白牡丹、寿眉、古树普洱、普洱熟茶、宫廷普洱等)


        ― 授课细节 ―


        周二班 每周二晚 6:30-8:30
        周四班 每周四晚 6:30-8:30


        Icha Tea

        235 Spadina Ave Unit 4

        Toronto, ON M5T 2E2



        课程结束后测验第一名以及全勤者可获得$50 Giftcard

        ― 授课老师 ―

        陈星攸 Sabrina Chen 

        茶学学士 华南农业大学 

        MBA Schulich Business School










        公众号: tearomateaclub

        Instagram: tearomateaclub